A tribute to Gerda Hendrika Bernice Elisabeth Scholten and her work
Gerda Scholten was born 26 January 1932 and died 10 April 2002

She was born in Aalten and went to the Groen van Prinster School till grade 6. She started working as a ....dienst meisje (a maid), as many girls did in those days. She upgraded her education with night courses over the years, many art courses. When she was in her 50's, she went to "de Moeder Mavo" to get her grade 12. She was offered a job in an advertising office in Aalten because she was known for doing drawings and illustrations for friends and relatives, like menu cards at weddings and anniversaries. But she didn't take the job. She was scared and didn't get encouragement from her mom. She never married and always roomed with her mom until her mom died. We are unaware that she braved any relationships with men. She was shy. She was a generous person.

After her mom passed away she bought a house on a corner lot in de Servatius Straat 15. We had the privilege of staying with her in the summer of 1990 for about 3 months. She was a sweet aunt, all be it set in her ways and high strung from living with her mom and a spinster She had a hard time keeping it all together sometimes...a true artist...

Gerda Scholten

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